How to Apply ISBN for Book or Journal

ISBN for Book and Journal

If you are planning to write a book, then knowing about how to get ISBN is very important for you. If you approach publisher for this, he will get this done for you at some cost. But for those who are planning to self-publish and can get it printed themselves, this is top priority. Also, to list your books on websites like Flipkart and Amazon, you would need an ISBN number. So where and how do you get this number?, a portal that helps startup in Company registration, Trademark Registration and other related services, has attempted to cover this process of registering ISBN.

In India the registration authority is New Delhi based Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN.  The Stepwise process is as below:

Step 1

Decide and finalize the font, the size of the pages, the margins, the cover page, everything. When you apply for ISBN you have to necessarily fill in the number of pages. The process being very strict wouldn’t be flexible enough to let you change the number of pages later.

Step 2

Get a print of your book just the way you want it to be published, and marketed. You would need to send a printed version of the front and back cover of your book, and you would need to mention if it’s a hard bound or soft bound in your application to the authorities concerned.

Step 3

Decide the price at which you would sell it. This is going to be the maximum retail price. Remember to make some profit you’ll have to consider the amount of commission and the amount of overheads within the maximum retail price.

Typical costs include:

Printing, binding, storage, marketing, publisher’s commission, etc. If you want to keep Rs. 100 out of every book you may have to price it at Rs. 250.

Step 4

The complete process is online now, you need to log on to, register yourself on the website. Your Login credentials shall be provided to you.

After Login, click on New Application and complete the process online.

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